Great 6th Grade Reading Level Books

There are those times where you need a book just right for your reading level. Books written for sixth graders are the best of both worlds: complex content without complicated prose.

Tuck Everlasting

Sixth grade reading level booksThis delightful book has got to be one of the greatest fantasies for children of a 6th grade reading level or older. The writing is superb, the plot engrossing and the themes and images can last in the reader’s mind forever. When Winnie, a rather bored and overly protected child, becomes friends with the Tucks, her life is changed forever. The Tucks, mother and father and two sons, have inadvertently drunk from a well that freezes them in time and gives them everlasting life. They will never grow old, never die.

They know that the world must never be let in on their secret, for it would change life on earth for the worse. If they try to execute Mae for the crime, their secret immortality will come out. The dilemma for Winnie, Mae and Mae’s family is extreme.

Charlotte’s Web

books not for young readersChildren much younger than eight may be too young to deal with the death of a favorite character, but kids from that age up can usually handle it. That’s why this book land is a great choices for 6th graders. It takes some maturity and acuity to see through the action to deeper meanings and it is unfortunate if children, having heard the book in the early grades, are not encouraged to approach it again in sixth or fifth grade.

Because of Winn-Dixie

6th Grade Reading Level BooksThere’s a moral here and the author handles it well through characters that spring to life and make you want to become part of that circle of friends in rural Florida. Where less complicated stories can be easily handled by young readers, it takes the maturity of the preteen middle school reader to be able to sort through the delicate lessons in books like these.

Looking For More Sixth Grade Reading Level Books To Read?

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If you are looking for a sci-fi fantasy that touch on the consequences of action and inaction, punishment and the fragility of life, check out Seefer Elliot. Reviewers have raved and declared it a must for 6th grade reading lists everywhere.

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